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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  November 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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our studio audience, i love you. m watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: president trump close to arriving in japan as he starts his historic visit to asia. welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. we are keeping eye on yokota air base in tokyo. we'll bring that to you when it happens. also tonight, congress members ron desantis and brian babin are here. first our opening statement. they lied to us. they said there was nothing to worry about. that the sale of 20% of
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america's uranium to our enemy russia wasn't really a problem. nothing to look at, folks. and after the sale, the nuclear regulatory commission assured congress and us that russia continues export any raw nuclear fuel from our shores. so what difference does this make that uranium would leave our shores? i'll tell you what difference it makes. for me it's personal. you see, in 2012 i was diagnosed with cancer. i didn't talk about it, you didn't know by the. i just did my show every weekends. and in the end the chemotherapy treatments progressed, i was on air talking to you without my eyebrows, eyelashes and wearing a wig. like so many of us i was
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diagnosed and found out i was sick thanks to the advances of nuclear medicine and the medical isotopes used to create it. they are the key to identifying and treating disease. they are literally life saving. i know. so why am i telling you this? and why now? why? because uranium is key to nuclear imaging. last week in our opening i told you russia wanted our uranium so badly they started a criminal campaign to get ours. so began the corruption and the bribery that unlay the uranium one deal with the clintons walked away with millions and the russians walked away with 20% of america's uranium. the informant who brought the information to the attention of
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the government was gagged. so he couldn't tell you what the russians were doing. and the lie that the uraniumment leaving our shores. reports from the hill are when inquiries were made, whether our uranium was being shipped to our enemy russia, nrc chairman gregory saco said we never issue offed a license to the russian firm and no uranium could be exported without it. but hang on, the nrc approved uranium from our mines to canada through a third party and they aloud it to go to europe. the nr complrks aloud a trucking firm to circumvents the license requirement and simply transport
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the uranium to canada. and no one in congress even noticed. you know, it all makes sense now. obama dancing with the devil, so keen on making the iran deal with our sworn enemy. that iran deal allowing them to develop the capability to create molly 99 in their country from uranium and accept it back to us. molly 99 is the medical ingredient that's used to diagnose heart disease and cancer in over 40 million americans a year. it cannot be made without uranium. so here is the bottom line. we shouldn't export our weapons grade uranium to other countries. and i'm not even talking about the criminality on money to the clintons and their so-called
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charitable foundation so other countries can provide us with medical isotopes. we don't need to billion billions of dollars to other countries so they can develop their nuclear program and sell it to us at a profit. we don't need russia, iran or anyone else in control our medical testing and imaging. i for one don't want to give anyone but americans the leverage over that. and i have got news for you. there is a law called the american medical isotopes production act that requires our government support the development of molly 99 in this country for medical uses. it's time to use our uranium for the development of medicine in our country and lower healthcare costs for our working americans and not to mention the nuclear security that goes along with
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it. we don't need to be vulnerable to russia, iran or north korea. we don't need them to leverage us by turning off a supply. the development of which we paid for or assisted in the creation of. it's bad enough for people like me to get that cancer diagnosis, who go through the treatments, not knowing what's going to happen at the other end. we shouldn't have to deal with the thought that our uranium, our taxpayer dollars, are being used to develop our medical ice taupes, our increase -- or increase our dependency on foreign governments. especially governments committed to our destruction. the problem is there is no production of molly 99 in the united states. and we need to stop sending weapons grade use rain yum to our enemy.
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you, me and 40 million on the her americans for whom nuclear imaging provides the devastating information for sweet, precious, life-saving relief shouldn't be held hostage to people who want to kill us. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page, twitter and instagram, #judgejeanine. doctor of dental surgery and texas congressman brian babin. why do you we lie on other countries for the development of molly 99? >> mainly because we have stopped manufacturing nuclear weapons.
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because of an agreement we did back in the 80s with the soviet union. so we are no longer creating weapons. and quite frankly we are dependent upon and lot of nations around the world for our radio isotopes that we use. and these radio isotopes are extremely important for the manufacture of those various isotopes used in the practice of medicine and diagnose and treating diseases such as cancer and saving lives. as you said earlier. there are 40 million procedures a year done with nuclear medicine it's very, very important that we not be dependent upon foreign nations. especially russia, for these isotopes. judge jeanine: congressman babin, if you can tell my viewers, what is nuclear
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imaging? when they go for what kinds of test would this be relevant or would this be used? >> like i said, there are 40 mill procedures a year. and many are specific for certain orghans your body whether it's the heart, thyroid, muscular diseases or bones. and these isotopes -- many of them are man made. and they are very specific for the task at hand. and they save lives. i can't overemphasize that. they are so much better than the old traditional x-rays. our pet scans, ct scans, there are so many of these different types of tests that advance the medical field that are saving american lives. so we can't be dependent upon other nations to give us these
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isotopes. judge jeanine: congressman desantis, given the corruption case underlying that uranium one deal and the news that's been broken in the last few days about that deal, why would there be a uranium deal where 150,000 goes to iran. selling it to russia. the obama administration approvals it. we give iran 150 bill so we can buy the isotopes from there them. >> that violates a law that was passed by congress. the iran deal was never passed by congress. it wasser in ratified as a treaty it was basically obama
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make an executive agreement front loading hundreds of billions of dollars in benefits to a terror producing state. and you cannot violate existing law. and by the way, with the clinton uranium deal, we were told as you mentioned in our open, russia has 20%. they are not allowed to export it because they don't have an exporting license. while that's technically true, we found out that uranium was sent outside the united states. there are a lot of indirect ways to do it. but that was exported. judge jeanine: once that stuff was exported. they used trucking to get it to canada. do we know where it went from canada? we are waiting for the president and air force one to land, i believe, that's why that screen is up.
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but do we know that? >> we definitely know it went to europe. we believe it went to asia, and we are work on trying to figure out whether it did in fact end up in the hands of a rogue regime like iran. we haven't been able to stab stancate that. we are work on that hopefully we'll substantiate that in one way or another. judge jeanine: you indicated you are starting hearings on this whole thing. that informant on that underlying criminal case that was in rod rosen tine's office. that gag order has been lifted. what do you expect to hear in the next few weeks? >> he compiled all kinds of document from his time as an informant. we are getting all of those documents. we have already gotten leads based on some of the information in there. we'll be bringing him in the
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next couple weeks. mostly behind the scenes so we can tease out all the information. then it will require us to follow these leads. there is so much information that we are now going to have access to for the first time in years that will take us some time to go through all that. there is a lot of different moving parts in this. a lot of it is corrupt. but there are a lot of different parts. judge jeanine: the attorney for the informant that was gagged is calling for special counsel as is senator grassley. and i assume you believe that to be the case as well? >> jeff sessions has taken a position he's going to recuse on anything involving the clintons, obviously he wouldn't be able to handle this. but neither could his deputy rosenstein. i think there are questions about how these cases were
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disposed of. because of sessions' position, i think it would be appropriate to have a special counsel outside the normal chain. judge jeanine: i assume members of congress will do egg they can to comply with the medical isotopes act, the key to treating and diagnosing major diseases in the united states? >> the department of energy has tarted with millions of dollars worth of grants to various american institutions so we can begin to do this. judge jeanine: let's do so. congressman babin and desantis, thank you for being with us tonight. we are close to president trump arriving in japan. you can track it on your screen. meantime former assistant to the president and author of the "new york times" best seller "defeating jihad, dr. sebastian
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gorka. i am focused right now not just on the clintons, the foundation and russia and the iranian deal. but the impact it has on ordinary americans. my viewers out there who have cancer or go for medical imaging, they have no idea most of of this is being bought from foreign countries. canada is going down in terms of it production and we don't know where we are getting it in the future. barack obama is sending 150 for the development of nuclear imaging in iran so we can buy it back. what is going on. >> thank you for that incredibly moving and powerful monologue at the beginning of your show. you shed light on a completely new angle of this story. when we hear the words plutonium
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and uranium we think of weapons and bombs. there never should have been a deal where they approved to sell of any our uranium to russia because of the weapons implications. because of russia's relations with north korea. judge jeanine: air force one is on the screen. >> i see it. judge jeanine: air force one arriving in japan. historic trip for the president. it will be the longest trip for the president, leaving the united states since he came into office. dr. gorka, go ahead, i'm sorry. >> you have i illuminated another aspect completely. we should be self-sufficient. the experience you went through. all the people getting chemotherapy. we shouldn't be selling that to
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another nation and having to buy it back. it'sout ray just when it -- it'sout ray jusit's -- it's outt comes to treating americans and national security for the united states. judge jeanine: there is a law that requires it. with respect to the uranium deal and the department obvious is. there is a call for a pegs counsel. this week i was at the white house and i spoke to the president and said we absolutely have to investigate uranium one. the clinton foundation, the alleged play pay-for-play. do you hear anything about whether anything about be happening? >> give what the president said yesterday or the day before. something clearly will happen. he sent a delicate but clear
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message to the attorney general. we need somebody to investigate these massively important scandals. but somebody unconnected. it can't be rod rosenstein. it can't be anybody on theth floor of the fbi or anybody who worked for obama. we need to go to a field office of the fbi in texas. go to an r.a. in virginia. pick clean people and let them investigate them. wherever the shoe falls, the people must pay the penalty. this is serious felonious activity. national security. classified information and corruption at the highest levels of government. judge jeanine: it's not just because they were in the obama administration. this particular case with the underlying bribery and corruption that preceded the uranium one sale to russia. it was handled in rod
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rosenstein's office. these are the same players. mueller is investigating russia, and he was in charge of the fbi at the time this deal went down. this is incestuous at best. >> it is. we have to be not only a nation of the rule of law, we have to look as if -- also it must smack as if things are going by the book, not just actually going by the book. when rod rosenstein is in that position. he must not be involved. he must recuse himself. judge jeanine: dr. sebastian gorka. thanks for being with us. our live breaking coverage of president trump's arrival in tokyo continues in just a moment. don't go away. [n (male announcer) even the best shoppers like to get a head start! (santa) ho ho ho! at bass pro shops and, get pre-black friday savings for a limited time.
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tonight. new questions about the uranium one scandal and the clintons. let's get back into all of it with former congressman jason chaffetz. good evening, congressman or should i call you jason. any follow-up or any hope of follow-up before we get into tokyo with the department of justice, given the fact you would ask the attorney general sessions for specific movement on specific evidence. any hope now? >> thanks for sharing a deeply heartfelt message, your own personal story. i lost my mom to concern, my dad to cancer. it is absolutely outrageous on
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uranium one. i can think no good reason why the united states would give up control of any of its uranium. but there seems to be $100 million plus reasons in people who made donations to the clinton foundation, even fit was via canada. the bottom line is you have to follow the dollars. the department of justice and the other departments and agencies have to give congress those documents. that's the way our system works. so far they haven't done that. judge jeanine: when you were there and asked for it, they wouldn't give it to you. right now the state department is still far behind. justice and the state department were fighting on behalf of hillary. i want to move on from that.
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you can see they are waiting for the president in tokyo. i understand a few months ago you were there in tokyo. how important is this visit? >> the relationship with prime minister abe is a critical one. i was able to meet him and talk about the issues and the national security implications. and certainly to see president trump on the ground in japan is going to mean the world to the japanese who need the help and safety and security blanket of the united states. as he travels up and is able to go to south korea, we have to be in unison. many air force capabilities that we have there in great unison with the japanese, they desperately need our help and assistance. and i think the president will strengthen that strong message.
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we have a good partner in japan. judge jeanine: so many americans have no sense of japan and the truth is japan sits there vulnerable to north korea. they are some of the ones who seem to be in the firing line of kim jong-un. >> well, as you have seen north korea do its test missile. they are going into sometimes the sea of japan in close proximity of japan. sometimes flying over japan at times. they don't have the deterrent capability that the united states has. we have tens of thousands of u.s. servicemen and women between south korea and japan. we have been moving troops somewhat out of japan into guam.
10:28 pm
but not only to project power, but also to protect. it's a critical partnership. judge jeanine: in terms of what we can look forward to in the next few weeks. you may have shared congressman ron desantis interested in speaking to that witness who was gagged bid holder and loretta lynch. that gag recently lifted. the president being in a tough situation. he can't push that hard. although he's doing i believe the best he can to not tell the attorney general what to do. but at the same time let him know he's not happy with this laid back approach by the attorney general's office. what do you think is going to happen? >> you have so many things where people are admitting there is wrongdoing happening there.
10:29 pm
the uranium one is one issue. donna brazile said she has quote-unquote proof of rigging of an election. how come the department of justice is not seizing these times of things, jumping into the middle of this. mayor they are doing something behind the scenes, but they should also be giving those documents to congress. that's the way this country works. judge jeanine: thanks for being with us tonight. more from yokota air base in tokyo. our live breaking covering resumes in a moment. it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine, 'cause i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident-free. and i don't share it with mom. right, mom? right. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it.
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this one's below market price and has bluetooth. same here, but this one has leather seats! use the app to compare price, features and value. [♪] marianne: live from "america's news headquarters." americans are leaving somalia's capital of mogadishu because of
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the terror threat. the move was prompted by specific threat information involving the airport. terrorists in somalia, terrorists were killed by airstrikes. so mall yais one of the world's most of dangerous countries. 11 princes and former ministers have been arrested in a corruption probe in saudi arabia. one of the world richest men alwaleed talal was arrested. he's one of the world's richest men. to arrive in gentleman upon at any minute.
10:35 pm
let's go to john roberts. reporter: a couple thousand service members are here, members of the air force. there are 14 thousand stationed here. we are seeing a continue general of the marines doing some training up in camp fuji. but stopping here tonight, you can hear the president as he kicks off his 11-day five-nation tour. the president will be here in japan for the next couple days and then he goes to south korea. china and then finishing it off in the philippines. you were mentioning along with jason chaffetz, the threat this entire region faces, a couple of intercontinental ballistic missiles have flown over the northern japanese island.
10:36 pm
in addition to talking about security, the president will also be talking with shinzo abe today and tomorrow about trade. the president not happy with the fact the united states has trade deficits with all five nation cities he's visiting. but they will take a little time off. you know how the president loves to golf. shinzo abe loves to golf. they are going to play a rounds this afternoon. the president kicking off his asian trip. he likes to talk to the troops. then hit the golf ball. judge jeanine: the president is landing. we want to take you to the president's remarks as soon as they begin. but, john, let's continue to watch this as the president lands. it's interesting that you say the president is going to hit some golf balls or play a little
10:37 pm
golf. he seems to do a lot of business on the golf course. reporter: what's interesting is remember how he used to hammer president trump for golfing instead of doing business. the president plays golf probably as much as barack obama did. he's out there every weekend whether it's in virginia, or bedminster or mar-a-lago or west palm beach or trump national in jupiter. but what he likes to do is do business on the golf course. so in a way he's still working. judge jeanine: therein lies the rub. the president is always working. when he is playing golf, he's work. it's not just for the fun of it. it's an amicable setting in which to discuss world issues. >> i think there are a lot of people who probably do more
10:38 pm
business deals on the golf course than the board room. all of my golf is purely recreational. it should never be confused with anything coming close to business. he had lindsey graham out and rand paul. he likes to do a lot of congressional business as well with people who like to be on the golf course. the camaraderie builds and sometimes you see eye to eye more over a putt than you do over a board room table. judge jeanine: there is no question. i have been on those golf courses and the smell of fresh cut grass is intoxicating and calming if you are stressed out as i usually was. but i gave up the game because i wasn't very good at it. we are watching the first lady and the president landing in
10:39 pm
japan a few moments ago. we'll take them live as soon as he begins. but first joining me now with his thoughts on what to expect from this consequential president's trip to asia. john bolton. good evening. what is the significance of this visit and what is on the line for the united states? >> it's an important visit. it comes at a critical time. security in asia is at the top of the list, trade is certainly there as well. but the first three stops, japan, south korea and china, will be dominated by the north korea nuclear weapons program and what we'll do about it. the president stopping in japan first under lined the alliance. shinzo abe the japanese prime minister, the most of pro
10:40 pm
americans japanese prime minister since world war ii. he began his political rise by championing the families of japanese citizens kidnapped by north korea. most of of them have never been heard from again. abe is deeply knowledgeable about the threat north korea poses. he stood side by side with the president at the united nations. he will have a strong stance on this as the president goes to china. this is an important first step for these two allies to coordinate their next steps. judge jeanine: do you expect the president to modulate his verbiage? you know kim jong-un is listening and the president is in his part of the world. is kim jong-un going to do anything just to be showy or to make a statement? >> there is a lot of speculation
10:41 pm
we could see another missile launch. there is speculation there might be a 7th nuclear test. it will be poorly advised. that wouldn't slow him down in the slightest. by the would under line why the president in my view was right in december at the u.n. when he said denuclearization is the only way forward for north korea. we are not going to accept that these people have deliverable nuclear weapons. most of importantly when he arrives in beijing and meets with joinin --with xi jinping, e leader. for 25 years the chinese have been saying they don't want north korea to have nuclear weapons. people in the united states nod and say the chinese are with us. but they never do what they have
10:42 pm
the capability of doing which is bringing north korea's economy to it's ins. xi jinping is at the high points of his political power in china. i think the president is prepared to put it to him straight. this time you take care of the north korea nuclear weapons program. let's do this together easy way or we'll not leave that regime in power with nuclear weapons and we'll do it the hard way. judge jeanine: i know former congressman jason chaffetz is still with us. congressman, in listening to ambassador bolton as it relates to xi jinping and whether or not -- whether the visit to china is going to impact anything since his visit to mar-a-lago many months ago? >> i hope it does.
10:43 pm
we have three carrier groups in the area. the chinese do not want a mass exodus of people in north korea moving into china. they are in a position to have more influence on the north korean leader than anybody. but we have quite a show of force there and having the president on the ground will be impactful. especially the servicemen and women you see in those shots. they are away from their families. to have the president in letting them know the president has their back is a very strong message. judge jeanine: what do you expect from the president in terms of his discussion with abe as well as the troops. >> the troops are making shoe they have his back. but the president and abe have a
10:44 pm
strong relationship. they have regular communication. they have had good interaction. they are great partners with the united states. when we had as congressional delegation there earlier this year, you had people from both sides of the aisle showing our strength and relationship. that's good for the japanese to see that we are united in our support of japan. judge jeanine: are the japanese afraid of north korea? >> absolutely. when we sat with the present albeit a number of months ago, it was at the top of their list. there were a group of business minnesota spoke to last week. and they had a deep deep concern about the wild nature of the north korean leader. there is a reason why we have three carrier groups in the region to make sure we can take care of any trouble that might flare up. judge jeanine: i'm going back to
10:45 pm
ambassador bolton. when it hear congressman chaffetz talk about businessmen worried about the business in japan vis-a-vis the dangers in north korea. how does the trans-pacific partnership and the business arrangement between the countries impact what is going on in terms of this visit? >> trade issues are unquestionably going to be on the agenda in all the countries the president visits. despite our close political-it in relationship with japan we had our fair share of trade disputes with them over the years. but there is nothing like north korean nuclear weapons to concentrate the attention on what's important. i think they will make progress on the trade side. abe is poised to amended the japanese postwar constitution which we basically imposed on
10:46 pm
them which gives up force in the national defense. the japanese view themselves as a normal nation now and they want to defend themselves. judge jeanine: what do you mean use of force in the national defense. explain that. >> under their constitution they have a very limited theoretical capability called japanese self-defense forces. these forces are very, very capable. abe wants to change the way japan thinks about its place in asia and move beyond world war ii. they like to say they consider themselves a normal country and they should provide for their ownself-defense. this would be a major step forward and a big plus for the united states. it looks like the staircase is coming down and hopefully we'll see the president -- not coming
10:47 pm
down, moving the staircase to air force one. as the president lands in tokyo with the first lady, about to make remarks to the troops at the yokota air base. as we keep talking, several months back south korea was resistant to the missile defense system. almost dissing the concept that they needed protection from north korea. do you think that's changing? and is that changing in this consequential visit to the far east? >>ed the president is an inheritor of what was called the sunshine policy towards north korea. if we could open more ties with them everything would be fine and we wouldn't have the tension
10:48 pm
on the peninsula. i think it's a misguide policy. our president has to worry about americans threatened by north korean nuclear weapons. south korea is very divided. there is a lot of support for the president's strong stand on north korea. 10 days ago they called for the redeployment of american tactical weapons in south korea. this will be a difficult relationship. but the president needs to move the south korean president along. they are getting to the point in north korea where they will be able to hit a target anywhere in the continental united states with nuclear question upon in perhaps a couple of months. that's what the characteristics a director said the last couple peeks. judge jeanine: any input on the
10:49 pm
deployment of nuclear weapons as it relates to south korea and their resistance to our assistance? >> prior to the election of president moon, the fas system was being deployed. if you have seen his election he has taken a bit of a tougher stance. judge jeanine: hold on, congressman. you can see on the screen the president and the first lady coming down the stairway there as they arrive in japan at the air base in tokyo. being greeted by the dignitaries on the tarmac. and congressman, keep going. i'm sorry to interrupt you. >> way was saying is ever since president moon has been in place they have taken a tougher stand on the aggression you have seen
10:50 pm
out of north korea. but the deployment of the thanke -- of thethaad system is. it takes time to get it in place. but to see the president on the ground in japan is a good moment. judge jeanine: to both of you, ambassador bolton, it's an in your face to kim jong-un which is so much the way our president handles that situation with the lunatic out there. ambassador bolton, i'm hearing from my producer in my ear that the president just confirmed to reporters on air force one that he is expecting to meet with putin. have you heard that yourself, ambassador? >> it has been speculated about. one of the things that happens at these multi lateral meetings.
10:51 pm
is it's not just big meeting where things get done. it's in bilateral meetings on the margins of the bigger meetings. i think it's appropriate for him to meet with putin in this kinds of forum. this obviously a lot to talk about and a lot of things to push back on putin on. it's not surprising. judge jeanine: we are going to john roberts how understand may have some information on that very topic. john? john: the president came from back to the press cabin on air force one. he said it looks like he will meet with vladimir putin in today manage. in vietnam. it's expected the two of them would meet. the president says it's very important to get russia's
10:52 pm
cooperation on north korea. that's one of the reasons they are going to meet at the apec conference in danang. on north korea the president said he will make a decision soon on whether to designate north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. disputes that xi jinping comes to the meeting with a new set of power. he has more power than any other chinese leader since month mao. he would like the saudi oil company aranco to be on the new york stock exchange.
10:53 pm
he's mulling over on whether to do it at the new york stock exchange. the president said he knows they have been looking in london and others. the president would like to see that come to the new york stock exchange and he put that in with king salman. the air force rock 'n roll band is kick it up. the air force orchestra opposite the band displayed the jerry goldsmith theme. we saw that during the election campaign when the president would roll up in his aircraft. setting the stage, if you will. judge jeanine: john, i have to tell you, the president loves music, and he's always like keying the music into the event. it's very donald trump. very president trump.
10:54 pm
john: we have seen it in these campaign-style events. when he was making some of his first stops after becoming president. but it's the very first time i have heard an air force band play that theme when air force one rolls up. something unique here in yokota tonight. jenna: the president is going to be walking into that hangar to speak to the troops. we are going to be with you throughout all of it. when you think about it, our troops go through so much, a little music, a little fun, and little rock and roll, that's the least we can give to them. john: when we pulled up to the hangar bus coming from the other side of the airport. i could hear music. they were playing "hotel
10:55 pm
california." the military always does it up big. they have the choirs and orchestras and bands. it's great to see the men and women of our armed forces doing it live. that's the only way it should be done in these events. judge jeanine: there was talking about a military parade in washington. have you heard anything about that? john: this is something that fell out of the invitation president macron gave. we were there for bastille day. every bastille day they have a huge military parade down the champs-elysees. it was very impressive. the president was the guest of honor at the bust of the concord. and he said he would like to have something similar down
10:56 pm
pennsylvania avenue in downtown washington. typically there has been a separation between the military and public celebrations on the 4th of july in towns and is across the country. it's always the fire department and police and the boy scouts and girl scouts. so i don't know if you can do a military parade on the 4th of july down through the heart of washington, d.c. but the president said that's something he would like to see. judge jeanine: i think it, a shot in the arm for our military, for all those men and women who have given up so much for us to be recognized on pennsylvania avenue in washington, d.c. if you are just joining us, you can see the president on the screen live in tokyo just arriving at the air force base in tokyo, about to walk into the hangar to speak with the troops. the music from a live band.
10:57 pm
maybe strike up again, maybe not. but the president along with the first lady on his way in to address our troops in the hangar at the tokyo air force base. john, do you know how far he is from going in there? >> i don't, judge. apologies because we lost the light. but better to watch the president than watch me. he's greeting dignitaries, then he goes behind the scenes and takes a breather. judge jeanine: it looks like he's actually signing autographs. he's being president donald trump. he's taking selfies and signing autographs. he's a very engaging individual. he's very accommodating. he's not one of those stiff ones who walk through arrogantly. he will accommodate people.
10:58 pm
and their requests. before he gets in there i want to go to ambassador bolton and congressman thank get. we were -- congressman chaffetz. we were talking about the possibility of a military parade. something that came up when the president was in france with macron several months ago. what do you think of that idea? >> i think it would be a great idea. i remember general schwarzkopf led the units of all the services that participated and george president there was a great
10:59 pm
tribute to the military and it was appropriate and it be great. judge jeanine: and it would be. right now what we are waiting for is the president as he walks into that hanger in tokyo to talk to the troops. if you are just joining us this is justice with judge janine and in a few seconds, like right about now, it is 10:00 p.m. on
11:00 pm
the east coast and 11:00 a.m. in tokyo and stay with us as we await the president addressing our troops in tokyo in the air force base where he has just landed. ambassador is with us and don roberts, of course, right there in tokyo. congressman, did you ever accompany


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